Car Lockout

You locked keys in car and for the past hour or so you have been trying to retrieve them. However, you don’t need to waste a lot of time because we can come quickly to unlock your doors and get the keys out for you.

Transponder Chip Keys

When you need transponder key programming service for your remote, call us. We have a team of locksmiths in Fort Worth, TX that are skilled in all types of program issues and are ready to assist you.

Car Ignition Repair

Is your key is stuck in the “on” position, but won’t progress to the “start” position to turn on your engine? If your key is jammed when you try to start your car, we can make you an ignition key replacement.

Auto Lockout Mobile in Fort Worth Texas

car key in ignitionWhen your vehicle is running properly, you are usually able to drive all over town taking care of the things that you are responsible for. Your four sets of wheels enable you to accomplish a lot and to cover long distances on any given day. If you lose your keys and have an automotive lockout you would get stranded because you rely so much on your vehicle that you don’t know how to operate without it. But if you call Key Man Car Locksmith we can get you back on the road.

I am locked out of my car and don’t have a spare, you say after someone in our office answers the phone. His answer was brief and to the point as he indicated that someone was on the way shortly to assist you. When you need help in Fort Worth, Texas, we will always try to solve your situation in a very short time.

One of the reasons we can respond so quickly to help a customer is because we have an emergency lockout vehicle that goes all over town to rescue customers in urgent need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Qualified and certified technicians are on board and go anywhere you need help regardless of whether it is on the road or at home.

Our Fort Worth Key & Auto Lock provide the following services:

As an emergency lockout service, we have all the equipment that we need as well as all the parts that are necessary to help a particular client. Regardless of when or where you need help, we will always respond quickly when you need help. While the best tool you may have is a wire, we have unique and specific tools that are meant for this job making it easy to help you.